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Did you know?

  • Non-member can play tennis for free at Mission Bay Tennis Club. First 3 Club Nights (Wed nights) are free. Then it is $10/night or you can buy concession for $80 per 10 nights. So please spread the word and get your buddies in the door! Especially when…
  • You introduce a friend to the club you will receive $50 bar tab when a senior-friend sign ups or $10 bar tab when a junior-friend signs up.

Overnight thunderstorms and a drizzly morning didn’t stop the Working Bee from going ahead on Sunday – and a great turn out too! The club and grounds look seriously spruced.

Under the leadership of Stephen Coultard, an enthusiastic team chopped, cleaned, painted and tidied.

Perennial chain saw maniac Phil Welch motivated those with anything sharp in their hands – it didn’t take long for the massive bin to be filled with the surrounding forests. Even some of our neighbours lent a helping hand.

The hard work was rewarded with some great muffins, pizza, a Doug Hayr bacon and egg pie – and a generous bar tab from coach John McMahon who was unable to make it.

Last round of Winter Interclub for Mens 2. Beautiful and sunny day. Played away at Campbell Park. Close matches and at 3 matches and 6 sets a piece we had to get the calculator out! Player of the day goes to Jorge for being instrumental in both doubles and singles to give Mission Bay a more favourable total on the countback of games .

What a day. Thanks team for the win. Weather was all over the shop with showers, sunshine, wind and more wind 🙂 We won 4-2 and those 2 losses were very very close ones both in superties. Player of the day goes to Robert Simon who carried Anton in doubles and then played tough singles to win both matches on the day. Most entertaining match was of course Andre’s and now all of Howick will know what “Chop Suey” means. His opponent despite winning in supertie will certainly have nightmares for weeks to come… Thanks Jorge for typical solid performance. Thanks again and sleep well — well deserved sleep!