Coach’s Corner: December tips

These 2 tips will most likely improve any players game instantly with no practice or effort!

Tip 1: We all watch and see the ball, but usually our tracking of the ball is around 60 percent of our potential. So, telling you to watch the ball won’t help because everyone is on some level already watching the ball.

If you increase your awareness and track the ball closer to your 100 percent potential, doing so will  instantly improve your performance – and another benefit is that when you are more focused on the ball, the array of unhelpful thoughts will diminish.

Tip 2: Do you hold your racquet more tight or more loose? If you hold it tight then more unnecessary muscles will be recruited throughout your arm and this will decrease optimal performance.

An age old tip is to hold your racquet like holding a bird so it cannot fly away but you are not crushing its ribs.