Ball Machine

ball machine

Want to focus on improving your game ? Ball machine is your perfect hitting partner and it would not mind if you hit too many balls out! There are so many other reasons you will want to use this machine but we leave for you to decide if you want to give it a go.

Our ball machine even has the perfect name “Silent Partner”!

ball hopper

ball machine controls

What does it include?

  • Ball machine
  • Ball hopper with balls
  • Key to open the main club house with special security code
  • Initial 30 to 60 minutes instructional session to go through most aspects of the machine

What can our machine do?

  • Speed control: 10 mph to 95 mph
  • Spin control: Topspin to backspin
  • Feed control: Full stop to rapid fire
  • Manual Elevation: Drive to lob
  • 2-button remote control: Feed and Sweep
  • Download Owner’s Manual


  • Ruler #1: Never walk in front of the working machine. Ball machine can be very dangerous.
  • Never use damp or wet balls or use the machine during wet weather even if it is drizzling. If drizzle starts during your practice please hide the machine in a shelter as soon as possible.
  • Subscription to a minimum of 3 months.
  • Book online with “Ball Machine” till 5pm.
  • You can use “Ball Machine” after 5pm+ without booking and only if courts are available or if there are two players on the court.
  • Please use courts 1, 3, 4, 6
  • If there are matches going on the neighbour  courts please try to hit in the corners away from the neighbours.
  • Mandatory initial instructional session
  • Please be gentle in handling the machine. Don’t roll over the curbs instead lift the machine over.
  • Don’t use wet balls.
  • Don’t use the machine in rain or shower.

How much?

  • $30 per month
  • setup fee of $30 which includes master key to the club house and one instruction session on how to use the machine
  • minimum of 3 months
  • Ball machine is only available on subscription basis.
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